The multidisciplinary The conference "Urban Africa", sponsored by the Center for African Studies in collaboration with the Association for African Studies in Italy, took place on October 16 - 17.

The large amount of participant helped make the event very interesting and rich in contents. This demonstrates the large interest shown by the Institutions, the press and the great participation of the public during the two days of work.

For this reason, the Scientific Committee, in cooperation with the organization, intends to put the publication of a book which collects the Conference Proceedings as the next target.

In the "Media" section of the site of the CSA will be available audio and video materials of the conference and PowerPoint used by speakers during their speeches.

Ultime News

L'abstract del keynote address della professoressa Oldfield è disponibile al fondo della pagina.

Sophie Oldfield è Associate Professor in Environmental and Geographical Science e Associate of the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town. Le sue ricerche si fondano sulle...


Prof. Bill Freund will analize "material life" in post-colonial african cities with his keynote address. Full abstract is available at the end of this page.




In his keynote address, Prof. Laurent Fourchard will propose a reading of african cities as centers where the post-colonial state is daily contested and negotiated. Full abstract is available at the end of...